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Adsense Alternatives: Best Adsense Alternatives 2017

 Adsense Alternatives: 

Google Adsense Alternatives: Adsense is one of the best online money making systems for bloggers. It is run by Google. This is the reason that it is trusted by millions of bloggers. Google Adsense allow publishers to display various type of ads across their blogs or websites and generate revenue via Per Click or Per Impression. 

With Google Adsense, I am earning $400-500 per month with my various blogs and websites. My earnings are less because I am just new to blogging and trying hard to improve my revenue. You can also earn a lot if you work hard and properly. Basic requirements for Adsense are:

  1. A Well Designed Website optimized for Google Adsense Guidelines
  2. Google Account

Once you have a good Website with unique content and have some traffic to it, you can apply for Google Adsense approval. But approval is not easy. You must not violate Google Adsense approval. Once you got approval you can earn thousand of Dollars with this program. But if you violate its Policies, it will ban your account permanently. In that case, it's better to start finding the best Adsense alternatives which will help you to generate lots of money. So below I am going to discuss some of the best Adsense alternatives for 2017. I am sure these gonna help you guys. So let's start:

In this review, I am not claiming any Ads Network best than Google Adsense. My motive is just to provide an idea to my readers about its alternatives like etc So that they can generate some income with these alternatives. 

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Best Adsense Alternatives 2017(Not arranged according to Popularity):

1.Amazon Display Ads: 

Adsense Alternatives
Adsense Alternatives

Now you guys may be surprised by knowing Amazon Display Ads. So of you may not familiar with it. But in 2017 it is one of the most loved Ads programs by bloggers. This is the new and good alternative to Google Adsense.

This is the new and good alternative to Google Adsense. You can generate good revenue if the majority of traffic is from the US, EU, and the UK. Before this, Amazon is only working with its Affiliate program. But now it has Advertisement network too. 

Adsense Alternatives
Adsense Alternatives

It is the best alternative to Google Adsense Program. It is run and maintained by Yahoo! and Bing combined. it provides contextual ads types which are actually high paying ads. Getting

Getting Adsense approval is difficult but if you have a high-quality blog with good traffic then your application will be approved by in short time. Also, the revenue of is great and you can earn huge income with this program.


Adversal Adsense Alternative
Adversal Adsense Alternative

It is another revenue generating platform for bloggers. It provides multiple ads formats. Adversal also provides 100% fill rate.

The minimum payout by Adversal is $20. payout will be done after 35 days. In Adversal, you require having minimum 50K page views per months. The modes of transfer will be Paypal, Wire Transfer, Cheque or ACH.


infolinks Adsense alternative

Infolinks Adsense alternativeInfolinks provides and three step platform to the publishers. These are Sign Up-Paste Code-Get Paid. The process is simple and easy. Infolink is an in-text link ad network. It does not provide contextual ads. You can use Infolinks with other Ad networks to increase your revenue.


Adsense Alternatives Chitika ad network
Adsense Alternatives Chitika ad network

Chitika is also a great option for bloggers. It is also a Cost-Per-Click Ad network and very easy to use. It provides low payment threshold and ads choices. 

Chitika provides ads according to the content of your website. This strategy helps you to gain more clicks on ads. Hence, your revenue will increase. You can customize your ad layout.

Chitika has referral program also. You can also earn with this program.


Skimlinks Adsense Alternative
Skimlinks Adsense Alternative

In skimlinks process of converting your outbound links into affiliate links takes place. You can earn huge amount of money due to Affiliate sale. If a sale happens, you will get a good amount of commission. You can use skimlinks with other ad networks to make great revenue.

7.Propeller Ads: 

 Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads
Propeller Ads

Prop ads is an UK based network. It promises highest CPM possible. If you have traffic from US, UK, Canada and Australia then you can earn good amount of money. Doesn't matter if the user clicks on your ad or not, you will still get paid. 

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8.Other Networks:

So, above are the best Adsense alternatives. In case your Adsense account is not approved, you can try Adsense alternatives from above options. We have other options of other Adsense alternatives, which are: Bidvertiser,, Epom and many others. Just choose the right one for you and start earning. If you have any better suggestion, please leave a comment below.


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