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GoDaddy Standard SSL at just ₹ 549. Hurry Now!

GoDaddy Standard SSL:

No doubt SSL certificate is an essential factor for websites nowadays. It not only protects your personal data but also helps in improving Search Engine ranking. As stated by Google, websites which have SSL will be given little more preference than non-SSL websites. In this article, I will show you how to get GoDaddy Standard SSL at very low price. So, let us discuss SSL Certificate below:

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and it provides encryption Facility. SSL establish a secure and encrypted connection between Server and Browser. The main purpose of this secure connection establishment is to make sure that the data transfer between Browser and  Server must remain private and integral.

So, before working on SSL you must have a website. If you don't have you can create it within 20 minutes. I have previously written an article on How to create a WordPress Blog. Check it and have your own website.

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GoDaddy Standard SSL Features:

Godaddy provides different types of SSL certificates. It depends upon your requirement that what type of SSL you or your business needs. In this post, I am only discussing  GoDaddy Standard SSL. Let's have a quick look on the features of Godaddy Standard SSL:

  • Encryption: GoDaddy standard SSL uses SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption to stop hackers in their tracks.
  • Easy to Install: A single click is all it takes to install your SSL if you have GoDaddy hosting. For other Hostings, you can easily download and install SSL on their servers.
  • Ranking: Better Search Engine Ranking in Google, Bing etc.
  • 1-Website: GoDaddy Standard SSL protects only one website and all subdomains.
  • Reissues: In case your SSL does not work properly, you can reissue it unlimited times.
  • Secure Seal: Displays Secure seal in your browser with site URL.
  • Compatibility: Accepted by all major Browsers.

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Important Points before buying SSL:

  1. Please keep in mind that ₹.549 price is for 1st year only. After that normal charges will apply.
  2. It will be good If your Hosting is with Godaddy. If your Host is different then the process will be little lengthy.
  3. This method is successfully tested in India and also in Bangladesh. I am not sure about other Countries.

How to get GoDaddy Standard SSL at just ₹.549:

1).To get your GoDaddy Standard SSL, go to Google and search for GoDaddy SSL Sale. You will see a page like below:

Godaddy Standard SSL
Godaddy Standard SSL

2). Now click on ₹.549 SSL Certificates link as shown above. You will be redirected to Godaddy Official Website where you will purchase SSL Certificate for your website. Click on Add to Cart button. As shown below:

Godaddy Standard SSL Official PageGodaddy Standard SSL Official Page

3).Next Page will be you order description and Register/Login Page. As shown below:

GoDaddy Standard SSL Register Login PageGoDaddy Standard SSL Register Login Page

4. Now the Final Payment page will come which will show you the final amount of ₹ 549. As shown below:

Godaddy Standard SSL Final Payment Page
Godaddy Standard SSL Final Payment Page

5).Now make the final Payment and SSL is all yours for 1 Year.

If you face any difficulty in buying SSL please feel free to leave a comment below and also you can send me Email at [email protected] I will help you in each step.

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