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How to Make a Great Blog | Become a Blogger

How to Make a Great Blog

How to Make a Great Blog & Start your Blogging Career: 

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. Blogging refers to the creation of a blog or various blogs and then updating them regularly with quality content. I this article I will discuss how to make a great blog.

Your blog topic completely depends upon you. It may be any topic of your interest. But make sure to always write genuine and unique content.

With the help of Blogging, you can earn huge amount money every month. Thousands of people are already earning lots of money via blogging. All you need is perfect strategy and hard work to make it successful.

Most loved topics are Health, Technology, Mobiles, Hobbies, Humor, Fashion, Gadgets etc. You can search Google to get some more ideas. Select your topic and start writing about it.

You can take help of various tools like Google Trends, Keyword Planner, Semrush etc to find your perfect niche. Once you find it start working on it and grow your blog.

Now the question may arise in your mind that how to create a blog? How do I start publishing content to my blog? How can I make Money with a blog?

In this article, I am going to give you a complete explanation about creating your own blog and start publishing content. Once you have created your blog, you can also earn with it.

Basic Requirements to make a Great Blog:

If you are serious about your blogging passion then I want you to spend a small amount of money. Following are the things you need before starting the process:

  1. Domain Name: Domain Name is your online identity and you must choose a domain related to your blog content. Keep it simple, short and easily readable.  Also, use top level extensions. .COM is preferred.
  2. Hosting: Hosting is your server storage where your website is located. I always recommend you to go for quality hosting because free or low price hosting always creates problems. If you are looking for cheap and best hosting then I recommend you to go for Blogbing Hosting services. I have already written and complete Blogbing Hosting Review. Go through it and Signup for Blogbing here.
  3. Dedication: Your hard work matters a lot. If you truly want to make a great blog then do not use shortcuts. Always follow the procedure and get success in it.

How to Make a Great Blog with Different Platforms:

The Web Development Technology is so advanced nowadays that you don’t have to code a complete website. With the help of various blogging platforms and CMS, you can easily start your blog.

In this article, I am discussing only two platforms which will help you in setting up your own blog. The first one is WordPress and another one is Blogger. These two platforms are widely used. Let’s discuss them below:

How to Make a Great Blog with Blogger:

Blogger is one of the most famous blogging platforms. Bought by Google in 2003, It is now maintained by Google itself. The blogs are hosted by Google at a subdomain of

You can also add your own Domain name instead of You can have 100 blogs per account. Now, let me quickly tell you that how you can make a blog with Blogger. Follow the steps below:

1. Go to and click on Create your Blog button. As shown below:

How to make a great blog-Blogger Home
How to make a great blog-Blogger Home

2. In next step just log in with your Gmail id and you will be redirected to blog setup page. Fill all the fields like Blog Title, Address, and Theme. After that click on Create Blog button at the bottom. As shown below:

How to make a great blog-Blogger setup
How to make a great blog-Blogger setup

3. That’s it! Your blog is ready and now you can start publishing articles by using New Post button. There are many other options like settings, themes. earning etc. I recommend you to check all of them one by one. You can also apply your own domain name to your blog by simply going to Settings.

How to Make a Great Blog with WordPress:

WordPress comes in two formats. and is managed by WordPress and has great functionality and features. But you have to buy it first. The free version is very limited and comes with subdomain.

I recommend It is open source and you can take full advantage of it by simply uploading or installing it in your web hosting.

It can be directly installed via hosting cPanel(recommended) or you can manually upload it via FTP. Most of the hosting services have script install option and you can easily do it via cPanel. Now need to do FTP mess.

I am not going to discuss in details because I have already made a tutorial on build website with WordPress. Go through it and you can easily learn about WordPress blog. Once done, start publishing your articles.

How to Make a Great Blog with good Article Writing Skills:

Once your blog is ready, start writing quality articles in it. I have some specific guidelines to write perfect articles. Follow the rules Below:

  • Keep title less than 70 characters
  • Do some keyword research for your title and content( use Google Keyword Planner)
  • Use long tail keywords
  • Keep your main keyword in the beginning of title
  • Include Keyword in the first paragraph. Overall density of keyword must not exceed 2.5%
  • Make it large as possible
  • Use short paragraphs
  • Do not use very hi-fi vocabulary
  • Use Heading Tags
  • Use Images and Graphics to make it more interesting
  • Add some inbound as well as outbound links

How to Make a Great Blog and Earn Money:

People around the world are earning thousands of dollars monthly with blogging. What matters is their hard work and dedication.

Once you start receiving a good amount of traffic you can apply for various ads networks and apply ads on your site. Also, you can also promote various products via Affiliate Marketing and gain a whopping amount of money.

But before money, make your goal to make a great blog with great quality content. If you have a well-designed blog and no traffic then it is of no use.

Other Blogging Platforms: Apart from Blogger and WordPress, we have a number of platforms to create our blog. For Eg, we have Joomla, WIX, Drupal etc.

But I personally recommend WordPress on the basis of my personal experience. WordPress is flexible and provide lots of free plugins which will enhance your website functionality.

Also, WordPress has a large number of themes from which you can choose according to your style. You can create any kind of website with it including E-stores also.

Things to avoid while Working on a Blog:

Once you created a blog you have to take care of few things. Blogging is not a game. Google regular updates like Panda & Penguin are always watching the web. So, avoid following things on your blog:

  • Always use good quality hosting
  • Never copy content from other sites and also never spin the articles
  • Do not exceed keyword density limit
  • Do not use too many ads on the page
  • Take care of Grammer while writing articles
  • Always share your articles on various platforms

Need of SEO in Blogging:

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you are running a blog and it is not optimized for SEO then it will not rank perfectly in Google. We use two different type of SEO techniques:

On-Page SEO: Deals with page optimization like title, description, keyword density, length of the article, links, heading tags etc.

Off-page SEO: It deals with link building, Social sharing, social media optimization etc.

Both are compulsory and to make your blog successful, you have to implement these techniques in your blog. We will discuss SEO in another article.


I hope my guide on How to make a great blog will help you. Blogging is not an easy task. I require time and patience. But once you made it, It will generate you a good amount of revenue. I have started this blog to help to in this field so that you can grow your Blogging career. Now let me give you a brief idea about what I discussed above:

  • Blogging Introduction
  • Requirements for Blogging
  • Various Blogging Platforms
  • Create Blog with Blogger
  • Create Blog with WordPress
  • Writing Quality Articles
  • Make money with Blogging
  • Things to avoid while Blogging
  • Need of SEO

If you are still facing any difficulty in any point of the article then please let me know through the comments. I will help you in each step 🙂



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