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Whats a Blogger? Start Blogging now and Earn!

Whats a blogger: 

Before discussing a blogger first I am going to share about Blog. A question may arise in mind of many people that whats a blogger? what is a blog? How to create it? How to earn money from it?. So, I will answer all the questions here.

What is a Blog:

A blog is an online place where you express your knowledge or thoughts. It will act like an online diary. You can share anything you like. It may be your area of interest, passion, about Science, general knowledge or anything you want. A blog refers to our own website where you can perform different tasks. Having a blog is a great idea to share your activities with people. People usually start a blog to share their daily life experiences with their readers. But now you can do much more exciting things with your blog. You can also earn lots of money with it.

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How to create a Blog?

A blog can be created with different platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and much more. But Blogger and WordPress are very famous. 25% of websites and blogs are currently running on WordPress. Blogger is currently maintained and managed by Google itself. This is one of the benefits of using Blogger. It's absolutely free and you can daily post articles into it.

You can also integrate your custom domain with the Blogger. If you are just new to blogging then you can start with But if you want most out of your blog then you need to start using WordPress.

Blogger and WordPress Details:

As I mentioned earlier, Blogger is maintained by Google. It is free and easy to use. To start a blog, go to Click on Create a Blog. Sign in with your Google account and you are done!. Give a title to your blog and start publishing the posts.

Whats a Blogger? Start blogging Now and Earn!
Whats a Blogger? Start blogging Now and Earn!

On the other hand, WordPress is a completely different platform. It is free and paid also. Most of the people use the free version. I have made a complete tutorial on building a blog with WordPress. Please check the link below:

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Blogger has limited resources but WordPress provide much more than that. You can have various plugins, themes, custom styles and a lot more. You have to buy a domain and Web Hosting to start a WordPress blog. WordPress provides much more flexibility to the blog as compared to the Blogger.

Once your blog is ready, start writing articles to your users just like I am writing in Finally, I am going to tell about Whats a Blogger is? Blogger is someone who regularly writes material or articles for a blog. The blog may be own or for someone else. So, I think now you question Whats a blogger is answered well. If you have any query please drop a comment below or directly mail me at given address below.


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