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WordPress Blog: How to start a Blog? Full Guide Here!

Starting your own WordPress blog:

Today I am going to discuss a very useful tutorial. This tutorial is based on starting your own personal WordPress blog. In this article, I will give you a full blueprint to create a WordPress blog. Nowadays, everybody wants to earn online money and blogging is one of the best methods.

You can earn thousands of Dollars via Blogging. But your interest and hard work matter a lot. It is not a game of 10 or 15 days. It will take you few months to earn your first income. Blogging is an opportunity to earn huge money just by writing articles at your home. So about writing and SEO, we will discuss in another tutorial.

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How to Start a Blog:

To start a new WordPress blog we need few things. I request you to spend a small amount of money if you are serious about Blogging. Do not use free domains and hosting for your blog. They will always cause trouble.

I recommend Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting and Domain as they are cheap and best for beginners. Buy the lowest plan for starting and later you can upgrade to any plan. So, Here are the things you required for a WordPress blog:

Complete Video Tutorial:


Requirements for WordPress Blog:

  1. Web Hosting (Recommended Godaddy Managed WP Hosting for beginners)
  2. Domain Name (Godaddy Preferred)
  3. SSL Certificate(It is optional)
  4. Patience(Very Important :))

1. Web-Hosting:

Web Hosting is your online storage where your will store your website data. I recommend Godaddy Web Hosting if you are a beginner, as it is simple and easy to use.  

I recommend GoDaddy Web Hosting if you are a beginner, as it is simple and easy to use. But if you can spend more money then definitely go for Bluehost, Dreamhost, iPage, Hostgator etc.  Here I am assuming that you are familiar with Hosting services and purchased best one for you.

2. Domain Name: 

A domain is your online identity. Buy a cheap domain name from GoDaddy for less than $3. you have to  keep following things in mind before buying the domain:

  • Keep it short
  • Use TOP LEVEL domain(.com, .net, .info recommended)
  • Simple alphabets and required. Avoid Numbers and Symbols as they are hard to remember

3. SSL Certificate: 

SSL is basically a Secure Socket Layer Certificate which is installed on your Web Server. It provides encryption facility to your clients/costumers/readers to protect their Credentials like Credit card details etc. It is not compulsory if you’re running an informative blog. But according to Google SSL certificate site will get slightly more attention than non-SSL sites.

4. Patience:

Having calm mind is very important because this is long term process. You cannot earn if just a few days. So keep calm and start working.

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Steps to follow in GoDaddy Hosting to install WordPress:  

  • First of all, create Godaddy account and purchase Hosting and Domain. Now login to cPanel by visiting this URL. Now you will be on this page as shown below:
GoDaddy cPanel View
GoDaddy cPanel View
  • Now you can see I have purchased two hosting accounts one is Web hosting and other is Managed WordPress Hosing. I am showing you this tutorial for Web Hosting but I recommend you to buy Managed WordPress Hosting.
  • So Next step is to click on the Manage Button which is just to the right of Web Hosting Tab. Now you will see the following:
web hosting panel
web hosting panel
  • Now Click on Set Up button and you will see a page like below:
select domain name
select domain name
  • Click on Domain and Click Next Button.
  • Choose Recommended Data Centre and Click Next as shown below:
select data center
select data center
  • Next is the main step of setting up Username and Password. Keep them remember. you need them every time you log in to cPanel. As shown below:
Username and Password
Username and Password
  • On Next Page select YES to install WordPress. Now it will ask to set username and password below. Set Username and Password and remember them. You need them every time you need to log in your WordPress Panel. As shown below:
WordPress Login Username and Password
WordPress Login Username and Password
  • The last page will be like this:
Final Setup Page
Final Setup Page

WordPress Admin Panel:

  • Now don’t anything. Close all windows of the browser. Open new Windows and paste URL your domain must be replaced with your registered domain.
  • You will be redirected to WordPress Login page as shown below:
Admin Login for WordPress
Admin Login for WordPress
  • Insert your username and also password which you already set during Hosting Setup.
  • After that you will be logged into WordPress Dashboard, as shown below:
WordPress dashboard
WordPress dashboard

Congratulations! Your WordPress blog is ready. Please comment is you have any problem related to the above tutorial.

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