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WordPress Managed Hosting or Regular Hosting?

WordPress Managed Hosting

Do I Need WordPress Managed Hosting?: 

Hi, Readers! My previous article is about Build Website with WordPress from Scratch. But today, I am going to discuss a new thing which is WordPress Managed Hosting.

As we know 30-33% Websites on the Internet are using WordPress as their CMS. By seeing this popularity of WordPress, many hosting providers have designed a completely different kind of hosting package which is referred as Managed WordPress Hosting.

Now a question may arise in your mind that Do I Need WordPress Managed Hosting? Well, let me explain you here.

WordPress Managed Hosting is designed to take care of WordPress websites only. In some hosting providers, even the cPanel is absent. We can directly install WordPress in it.

A good example of it is GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting. No cPanel is there. Now let me quickly tell you about the features of Managed WordPress Hosting.

WordPress Managed Hosting Features:  

  1. Super Speed: Speed is one of the major aspects of any Website.  Managed WordPress Hosting servers provide great speed experience even you have lots of visitors at same time. This is due to the design of Managed WordPress Hosting servers. They are designed in such a way that speed must be good all the time.
  2. Protection from Threats/Hackers: Managed WordPress Hosting has high-security management. This type of Hosting is hackers roof. Hosting Providers provides lots of security features like daily Malware scans, Spam alerts and also block attacks on websites.
  3. 24/7 Support: You can easily get support on any kind of error you are facing during the setup or other operations. You will get support from a person who is already expert in WordPress and Servers related issues.
  4. Automatic Backups: Managed WordPress Hosting provides daily backup security features. In case, something happens to your Website, you can easily restore it from backups. The backup process is automatic. You don’t have to do anything for it.
  5. Regular Updates Check: This Hosting package automatically checks for WordPress Core Updates, Plugin Updates and Theme Updates. It will update them automatically.
  6. Eliminates Downtime: No matter how much visitors are visiting your website, it will never let your Website go down. This is one of the major advantages of this Hosting package.

Disadvantages of WordPress Managed Hosting: 

  1. Bit Costly: Managed WordPress Hosting packages are costlier than normal Hosting plans as they provide more features and security. More is the cost, more features will be there. 
  2. Limits: Services are limited according to the price you choose. For example, If the plan is cheap then monthly visitor limit will less(normally 25000 per month for basic plan). It increases with increase in price and plan.
  3. Limited Control: As I mentioned earlier, cPanel is absent in most of the Hosting Providers. So obviously, the control over the website will be less. We can access few things like FTP, Backups and few other settings.

Do I Need WordPress Managed Hosting? If yes then when?

If you just starting WordPress website then it is not necessary. You can continue with simple shared hosting. Once you have a good number of visitors to your site or you have a small Business website with huge traffic then you can switch to Managed WordPress Hosting. It eliminates your risk of Downtime.

Best WordPress Managed Hosting Providers:

  1. Bluehost
  2. Dreamhost
  3. iPage
  4. Siteground
  5. Godaddy
  6. WPEngine

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