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Yoast SEO Setup Guide for WordPress

Correctly Set Up the Yoast SEO Plugin in WordPress

Yoast SEO Setup Guide:

As we all know Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most loved Search Engine Optimization plugins by WordPress users. In this tutorial, I will give you a full idea of Yoast SEO setup guide so that you can configure your website for SEO easily.

Yoast SEO is so popular due to its simple user interface and various pages and posts optimization features. Now before getting rooted, you must have a WordPress website.

I have made a tutorial on how to build a website with WordPress before. If you do not have a WordPress website, then make it first and configure it for SEO.

About Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin:

Yoast SEO plugin is straightforward and easy to use. You can directly install it from Plugins directory and use it. It is developed by Yoast firm in Wijchen, Netherlands.

It provides various options which help you in optimizing your whole website completely. You can optimize posts, pages(including homepage) and categories also. You will get more details when we discuss Yoast SEO setup guide in this article below.

Features of Yoast SEO Plugin: 

Now before discussing Yoast SEO setup guide, let me quickly tell you its features. We have two versions of Yoast SEO. One is free, and another one is paid. Free one has limited features and Paid one is loaded with all the necessary elements.

1.Yoast SEO Free Version: It has some limited features mentioned below:

  • Optimize only one keyword, check keyword density
  • Google results in preview available
  • Check Readability, title and meta description
  • Limited Breadcrumbs control
  • Limited duplicate content protection

2. Yoast SEO Premium Plugin: On the other hand premium version has some extra features mentioned below:

  • Optimize up to 5 keywords in single article
  • Provide Google, Facebook and twitter previews
  • Analyze the readability of the article and calculate the Flesch Reading Ease score
  • Full Breadcrumbs control
  • Setting up canonical URLs
  • Internal Links suggestion & Content Insight
  • Redirect Management
  • Ads Free and 24/7 Support available

Installing Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress: 

To install any plugin, we have two methods. One is from WordPress directory, and another one is merely uploading it in ZIP format. In this, I will install it via WordPress Directory.

Yoast SEO Setup Procedure:

1.First, go to WordPress Dashboard, move the mouse cursor to Plugins and click on Add New option. As shown below:

Yoast SEO setup-Installation
Yoast SEO setup-Installation

2.You will be redirected to plugin search page. In the search bar type Yoast SEO and you will see following results:

Yoast SEO setup-install & Activate
Yoast SEO setup-install & Activate

3. Click on Install Now and then Activate it. As soon as it is activated, you will see SEO option on your dashboard which means your Yoast SEO setup installation is complete and ready to use.

So this is how you can install Yoast SEO setup on your WordPress website. Now let’s have a look at Yoast SEO setup guide.

Yoast SEO setup to optimize your website for SEO: 

1.The first step is going to dashboard and click on SEO option as shown below:

Yoast SEO setup-main page
Yoast SEO setup-main page

2. Now you will see the main page of WordPress SEO plugin with various tabs like Dashboard, General Features, Your Info, Webmaster tools and Security. As shown below:

Yoast SEO setup-main interface
Yoast SEO setup-main interface

3. Click on Features Tab and enable Advance setting pages. It will allow all hidden options in Yoast SEO. As shown below:

Yoast SEO setup-main interface
Yoast SEO setup-main interface

4. Now, whenever you take your mouse cursor to SEO tab in WordPress dashboard, you will see additional pages options as shown below:

Yoast SEO setup more options
Yoast SEO setup more options

Now we will configure all possibilities one by one.

Inside Configuration of Yoast SEO:

1. Title & Meta: It contains essential information about including the title and meta descriptions of the website. Under this option, you will see various tabs. Let’s configure them one by one.

  • Homepage: Not necessary if you are using self-designed homepage. It just contains website title, description. Your name and company name.
  • Post type: Configure all options as shown in below images:

-Posts & Pages: 

Yoast SEO setup- Posts and Pages
Yoast SEO setup- Posts and Pages

-Media attachments and Meta Robots:

Yoast SEO setup- Media & Meta rebots
Yoast SEO setup- Media & Meta robots
  • Taxonomies: Taxonomies deals with Categories and Tags. Configure both the entities as shown below in image:
    Yoast SEO setup- Taxonomies
    Yoast SEO setup- Taxonomies

    Leave Archive and Others tabs as it is.

2. Social: This tab contains info about Social Accounts. Paste the URLs into the given fields. That is it.

3. XML Sitemap: XML Sitemap is very necessary to index your website in search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Go to XML Sitemap option and enable. Your default Sitemap XML link is Submit it to all the major search engines. As shown below:

Yoast SEO setup- XML Sitemap
Yoast SEO setup- XML Sitemap

Leave rest of the setting as they are.

Advanced Options for Yoast SEO Setup:

4. Advanced Options: In this option, we have different tabs like Breadcrumbs, Permalinks & RSS.

  • Breadcrumbs: Please read about breadcrumbs in Google before enabling it. If you have a large site with various categories and posts, then you can enable it.
  • Permalinks: Permalink is URL structure of the website. Keep it clean and straightforward. Optimize it as shown below:
Yoast SEO Setup Permalinks
Yoast SEO Setup Permalinks

Note: You can keep Categories if you want.

5.Tools: This option contains some essential functions like Bulk edit, File Edit, and Import and Export, etc.

  • Bulk Edit: If you want to make changes to all your posts or pages then you can use this function. I recommend not to perform any action until you know of it. I will cover this in another article.
  • File Editor: File Editor helps you in editing your two necessary files: robots.txt and .htaccess.  If you want to make changes to these two files, then you can make from here without using any FTP Client.
  • Import & Export: You can save Yoast SEO setup setting to your computer and in case you reinstall plugin you can quickly restore from that stored file.

6. Search Console: Connect your Google webmasters to Yoast SEO Setup with the help of this option. Directly go to Settings and click on Authenticate Button.(Make sure you have submitted your website to Google Webmasters before doing this). Leave all other tabs as it is.


Configuring Yoast SEO Setup is a quite confusing task. But once you correctly configured it, it will boost your SEO Score. Let me give you all steps in brief to configure Yoast SEO:

  • Download & Install Yoast SEO
  • Enable Advanced Pages Function to open all hidden features
  • Setting up Title & Meta
  • Setting up Social Accounts(optional)
  • Configuring(XML Sitemaps)
  • Checking Advanced Options, Tools and Search Console
  • Yoast SEO Link Page

If you still have any confusion or difficulty during Yoast SEO setup process, then please let me know through comments. You can also contact me via contact us page 🙂

Overall Rating:
  • Yoast WordPress Compatibility
  • SEO Benefits
  • SEO Score Boosting
  • Website Optimization
  • Yoast Usability


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